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Program/Event Coordinators

Responsible for leading the execution of our programs.  We are seeking energetic individuals to facilitate the  execution of all our programs which are designed to benefit our youth.  Key activities and responsibilities will include:

  • Manage Event planning and related tasks (Campus tours, workshops, mentor large group outings, and  fundraising events)

  • Perform program execution

  • Work with various departments (executive, marketing, school liaison, etc.)

Marketing Coordinators

Communicates with the public which includes community members, schools, parents, donors, and corporations.  We are seeking detail oriented, passionate marketers.  Key activities and responsibilities will include:

  • Manage social channels by creating content (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

  • Work with program coordinator to promote programs/events

  • Create content for marketing pamphlets

  • Create graphic documents for programs/events

  • Manage and update website

  • Photograph and record at our events

School Liaisons

Build new and improve existing relationships with local middle schools, high schools, universities and colleges and promote collaboration with academic leaders in the community. Key activities and responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinate recruiting events with local middle and high schools

  • Collaborate with district officials to gain on campus access to students

  • Work with sponsors and partners to create community outreach events directed at student populations

  • Create strategic plans to increase organizational name recognition with local Bay Area schools


Develop quality one-on-one mentoring relationships with  scholarship awardees which will empower them throughput their college career. Key Activities and responsibilities will include:

  • Meet/speak  one-on-one per month with his/her mentee to develop a relationship and engage in activities that will give mentees encouragement and new experiences. 

  • Participate quarterly in a large group activity or field trip on Saturday.

  • Attend quarterly mentor group meeting prior to large group weekend activity. 

  • Track time involved with mentee and report hours monthly to  Program Coordinator once a month.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age

  • Background check will be performed

  • At least a two (2) year commitment

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