Ms. Marilyn Galiothe is the Founder and Executive Director of Strive Survive Succeed, a community driven, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting East Bay underserved youth through scholarships, college preparatory workshops and college campus tour. Raised in East Oakland, Marilyn attended elementary and high school in the area and participated in community programs throughout the city. 

Marilyn was brought up in a Haitian household where education was very important and taught to be powerful; after graduating from high school, Marilyn obtained her Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz and completed her Masters of Business Administration from St. Mary’s College of California. In addition to operating Strive Survive Succeed, she is a finance professional at a Fortune 500 Company, active participant in multiple community service projects, a member of professional organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and an active component at her father’s church in Oakland.

During her collegiate career she accessed invaluable experiences and knowledge and she wants to see more of East Bay youth exposed to the same opportunity. There is a great population of crime, social and economic issues in many East Bay neighborhoods; many minority youth are incarcerated or victims of the city’s senseless violence. With her own personal encounter with life’s unfortunate circumstances and understanding the importance of education it is her desire to take part and strive for a change. As a scholarship recipient herself she wants to give the same chance that was provided to her during her high school and collegiate years.

After years of contemplation and having the goal of launching a non-profit organization benefiting her community, Strive Survive Succeed was founded in 2013. In September of 2014, the organization became a fully formed 501(C)(3) with great support from her community, family and friends