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Mission Statement

Strive Survive Succeed invests in society's future by providing opportunity and knowledge to encourage East Bay underserved youth to obtain a higher education. 

Vision Statement

We assist East Bay youth with scholarships for higher education, provide mentors, college campus tours and skill-building workshops in order to help them strive for a better opportunity which will benefit them and the community to survive and be successful. 

Who We Are

Strive Survive Succeed is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2013, our main purpose is to assist East Bay underserved youth with a $1000 scholarship to assist with costs while pursuing a higher education, provide a firsthand college experience to youth through college campus tours and skill building college preparatory workshops.

It is very important to make sure that  youth understand that they have options and they can succeed. Many East Bay youth are challenged with societal and financial situations where they may feel their dream is unattainable; this organization will help students continue to strive for their dream of being successful.

It is necessary that youth are exposed to opportunities, independence, responsibility and leadership, and education is the key in allowing these abilities to be presented and developed. Having the elementary, middle school and high school scholars see members of their community return from college and are contributing to their community by being an inspiration, a positive image and an agent of change is critical for empowerment.

Strive Survive Succeed aims to assist in eliminating barriers to higher education and allow students to enhance their experience and knowledge during their post-secondary education.


Investing in youth is imperative for a big and bright future!